Clinics and Services

Acle Health Centre provides a range of health services for over 9,300 residents in Acle and the surrounding area.

Details of the practice services can be found below:


Microsuction is offered at the surgery for removal of ear wax. If you are registered with our practice, you may be referred by your GP or nurse. We also take referrals from other surgeries for this service but you must have been seen by your own surgery first for a referral to be sent through to us.

Minor Surgery

Certain minor surgical procedures are carried out by some of our clinicians. Suitable appointments can be arranged by speaking to a GP in the first instance.

Cervical Screening

Cervical cancer can be prevented. Routine screening is an effective way of detecting disease at an early stage, so that it is curable. We carry out a screening program and we strongly encourage you to come for a cervical smear when you receive an invitation letter.

District Nursing

The District nurses are based at Brundall surgery and carry out various procedures in your own home, and act as an extension of our team at the health centre for those patients who are housebound.

Medication Review Clinics

Medication reviews are carried out at the surgery at regular intervals. If you are informed that you need a medication review then please request an appointment.

  • If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your contraceptive pill please use our online form.

Personal Enquiries

If you would like to discuss any matter confidentially please advise the receptionist on the front desk or dispenser and they will take you to an area of privacy.


There is a highly trained physiotherapist working with our surgery.


The midwife based in the community works from the Medical Centre. Her role is to help expectant mothers with all aspects of their healthcare during and after their pregnancy. She holds antenatal clinics here which are via booked appointments only.

Nursing Services:

View more information on our nursing services page.

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Many childhood illnesses (such as mumps, measles and rubella) are easily prevented through vaccinations. We have a full range of vaccinations available at this surgery, and we will be inviting you to bring your child along at appropriate stages in your child’s development.

You should make sure that your child completes the full course of immunisations to protect them from unnecessary illness.

The doctors, practice nurse or health visitor will happily answer any queries you may have about immunisation and vaccination.

The midwife based in the community works from our health centre. Her role is to help expectant mothers with all aspects of health care during and after their pregnancy. We hold antenatal and postnatal clinics at the health centre and there is an appointment system.

Emergency Contraception

We deal with requests for emergency contraception in strictest confidence, including requests from patients aged under 16. We will offer you a choice of contraceptive methods where possible but you can see the doctor or nurse on an emergency basis.

You can also go to the casualty department of the James Paget Hospitals to be treated if you prefer. The sooner you get treatment, the better the chance of success.

Family Planning Services

All our doctors provide contraceptive services and advice. Coils and implant insertions appointments are available on Wednesdays.

Health Visiting

The Health Visitor based at Brundall surgery, works mainly with families and focus on expectant mothers and children under five years old. Their role includes health promotion, health education, developmental clinics, pre-school immunisations, advice and support. The health visitors work in your home and in the health centre.

You can contact the health visitor on 01603 712255 between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Other services include:

  • Minor surgery
  • Contraceptive services
  • Smoking Cessation advice
  • Minor Injury

Non-NHS Services

There are certain services not covered by the NHS and for which we make a charge. Details of these are displayed in the surgery.

If you require a medical examination for a special purpose, please inform the receptionist when you request an appointment so we can allow more time and inform you if a fee is payable.The receptionist or dispenser will advise the appropriate fee following your consultation. For an indication of the charge which may apply you may wish to view the current fee list.

Please note that a 30 minute appointment is necessary for all driving medicals and reports (HGV, PSV or taxi).

For your convenience a debit card machine is available for payment of fees.

More Information

For more information on any of the clinics and services listed above please ask reception.